Welcome to the future

April 20, 2011

Few would disagree that the rapid development of the mobile communications industry has presented PR practitioners with a plethora of opportunities. According to an eMarketer report 11% of the world’s population access the internet via a mobile device and over half of them do on a regular basis. But despite the more obvious upside, could this technology ultimately limit communications industry?

Firstly lets visit the positives: Mobile communication obviously opens up avenues to promote clients. Having portable devices that can download, access, and create all sorts of media at any given time allows our industry to contact people at any given moment. For example the use of ‘apps’ to promote brands is well documented, many brands have created them as means of promotional purpose. Just like Heineken.

But will markets eventually grow so used to having free branded apps on their mobile devices that the promotional effects will decrease? For example in the near future when we look to download something onto our mobiles will we just expect it to be associated with a brand that exposure effect will no longer take hold? It is certainly a possibility. Just take a look at the development of communication strategies since the early 20th century. We wouldn’t in a month of Sundays be influenced by this advert nowadays.

I feel this is just a small example of how the communications industry must never stand still and always develop new ways of reaching our audiences. As soon we think we’ve found a way to achieve our goals, chances are the industry will have moved on if you take a step back and admire your handy-work.